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Why Choose RS?

Why Choose RS?

RS Sailing are proud to have been in the small sailboat industry for the last 20 years originally from the UK, RS Sailing is now a global brand with representation in 40 countries. In North America RS is continually gaining recognition with distributors and dealers covering most areas of the country. This means quality of care during the entire purchasing experience with RS is second to none.

RS Sailing – The Brand

RS Sailing was born when a group of sailors were sat on a seawall discussing the design and supply of sailboats, so the opportunity existed to create new classes that moved the game forward to many more sailors – making higher performance, exciting accessible sailboats.

However, the development did not stop at boat building. RS Sailing also has a huge following of sailors, families and friends of the brand that enjoy a community of like-minded people and what better place to socialise than on the through their RS’s at racing events where the social element is regarded as highly as the sailing, thus creating the RS Circuit.

Camaraderie between friends plays a huge part in the RS story, not just in the bar after a day’s racing but the close unit of people who travel to events, train together, help each other rig – give tips to those learning and encourage all those around them to give it a go. Because once you’ve had a go – you’re hooked.

Our vision goes beyond producing the best boats – we aim to develop boats and Classes that will inspire a new generation of sailors.

RS Dealers

Distributors and dealers are all of exceptionally high quality and run their own successful business in their region. Joining the RS community has enabled these local businesses to distribute a global brand, enhancing the quality of supply of RS sailboats to all involved, from the individual club sailor, to programs and schools.

Having a local dealer also enables customers to maintain a support network for their RS sailboat, being the chandlery to replace or upgrade any parts, as well as upgrade their sailboat in years to come. RS dealers pride themselves on their supply and endeavour to keep enough stock to keep you on the water!

CAD Design and Dedication

RS Sailing are proud to use state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) for their design work – gone are the days of the old cottage industry and significant investment has enabled the RS designers to stay at the top of their game. CAD design enables rapid prototypes; extensive 3D printed injection moulding and the ability to project manage in-house.

Over the years, RS Sailing have been able to pull together the appropriate team including world class sail designers, rig specialists and naval architects to add to the unique specialism to RS. A project is not undertaken lightly, with extensive research carried out including exhaustive structured testing of prototypes, talking to sailors and customers, sailing the boats and continually looking to produce the best sailboat for the task possible.

The process doesn’t stop at design work- time and energy is spent meticulously drawing up the best package of accessories, options and colours for every sailboat. When a sailboat undergoes it’s first build, continuous improvements surround the development phase and time is invested significantly ensuring the highest quality throughout – even where you can’t see it. These build standards are maintained throughout the entire life of the sailboat, ensuring the last boat is just as good as the first.

Polyethylene Sailboat Construction

RS polyethylene sailboats are constructed using RS’ pioneering three-layer system – RS Comptec PE3. This construction not only uses the best quality materials available, but we have also developed unique material thickness control, using the polyethylene thickness machine maintaining the consistency allowing strength to be added to higher load areas without compromising the overall weight of the boat.

RS Sailing employ dedicated quality control manager onsite who is constantly challenging the systems in place as well as adjusting when mistakes are made. Key relationships with suppliers are maintained to the highest level and material-testing equipment is used frequently in batch testing. RS Sailing are proud of the relationships they have with their suppliers, all long standing and understand the RS brand to it’s core.

RS Comptec PE3 is exceptionally durable and requires virtually no maintenance while RS GRP Composite construction offers the best construction for sailboats over 15 feet (4.6m) long, when rotomoulding would be heavier, less stiff and compromise the handling.

The RS Venture is constructed using our ultra-strong GRP composite system. Double gel coat, robust laminate spec using Coremat for stiffness, and additional glass fibre layers in high load areas mean the RS Venture will stand up to intense use for many years, whilst sailing beautifully for a dinghy of that size and stability.

RS FRP Composite Construction

Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is the best construction system for performance boats, creating light, stiff, and strong structures which deliver the kind of speed and responsiveness that the RS success story is built on. These systems use sophisticated processes, top quality materials and internal hull structure to create light, strong and stiff hulls, with a long competitive life.

Polysester resin are selected for the construction of less extreme models, such as the RS200 and RS500 with laminates comprising woven and chopped strand fibreglass matts and localised Kevlar reinforcement in specific high load areas of models such as the RS400. Coremat or PVC foam cores add stiffness whilst keeping the weight down.

Epoxy resins are extremely strong and are used in the construction of the highest performance boats such as the RS100, RS700, RS800 and the RS Aero. Woven glassfibre matts, with carbon fibre localised high load areas and PU foam cores complete ultra-light laminates – delivering electrifying performance. Epoxies also allow virtually zero water absorption so maintain their low weight and strength over a long period.

Fit Out at RS HQ

The hub of RS Sailing is at HQ in Romsey, on the South Coast of the UK. Here; boats come in and out on a daily basis, with all fit-outs being conducted in the workshop at the back of the warehouse. Having the workshop onsite enables the technical team to be as involved as necessary, and more importantly for the brand – all staff members have a high understanding of every aspect of every boat. The aim to remain a small brand, that is recognised and loved globally starts here with out extremely passionate fitters, who are responsible for the final element of the sailboats life before reaching the customer. 

The RS Range

The RS Sailboat Range has grown to such a size; it was segregated into recreational sailboats and high performance sailboats.  This was based on choosing the material and construction process as well as the end usage for each sailboat. A couple of the range have dual usage; the RS Tera and RS Feva started out life as a recreational children’s boat, but has since had ISAF Class recognition arguing it’s position of solely recreational. Similarly boats that fell into the performance range have since also been used for recreational or club sailing.

Polyethelene sailboats are popular due to being robust and maintenance free and have an emphasis on the simplicity required to get out on the water. The glass fibre sailboats have more complex mouldings, are dealing with higher loading and torsional stresses and also benefit from boat tweaking to get the greatest performance out of them, proving popular with the passionate sailor.

Class Associations

Underpinning the RS Sailboat Range are the infamous RS Events. Each RS has it’s own International Class Association offering the world community and governing body of each class.  Run by sailors, for sailors – they are extremely passionate and responsible for everything from major regattas to the Class Rules. 
Each Class has it’s own dedicated Association and a website with events, news and a forum for the community activity and that all-important sailing banter! These communities act as news and info for events, boat development, rigging and set up tips, second hand sales and a place to ask questions on the forum. From here, active countries have their own class associations running regional events. The RS events hold a strong place in RS history and continue to this day to be one of the reasons RS is loved by so many.

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