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Exciting Attainable Fast Sailing with Super Easy Handling 2000 for sale from $14,980

Modern crisp GRP looks with sparkling performance and ease of use that fits the whole family. A perfect trainer, program class or introduction to racing.
Doublehanded for racing – up to 4 for training

A highly successful Class, the 2000 (formerly the Laser 2000) has active club racing fleets and a full open circuit series plus championships, supported by an enthusiastic Class Association.

With many features found in modern performance classes, such as a gennaker and a self draining cockpit, the 2000 (formerly the Laser 2000) combines exciting sailing and with easy handling that inspires confidence.

The 2000 is also well established as great a training boat within many leading organisations including the British Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force sailing programmes. The perfect transition from training into more advanced techniques and racing.

RS Sailing became the licensed manufacturer in 2013 and many detailed improvements to the 2000 (see Features page) including new moulds and tooling to help set the stage for a new era of Class growth.

Looking to buy a 2000 sailing dinghy (or formerly Laser 2000) ? Find out more information about the 2000 sailboat in the following pages or look for used 2000 (or secondhand Laser 2000) for sale in our used sailboat section


A perfect balance of perfomance with ease

  • The stiffness and looks of a race boat
  • Handling that won't put off the family
  • An ideal entry into gennaker sailing
  • Introduce the family without compromise

High Specification Construction

  • GRP foam sandwich composite construction.
  • High strength laminate for durability and long life.
  • Highly stable design that inspires confidence while offering sparkling performance in more experienced hands.
  • Spacious self draining cockpit.
  • Comfortable side decks and inner seating for young or inexperienced crews.
  • Stowage bins in the foredeck for items such as valuables, food and spare clothing.
  • Top quality equipment.

Modern Dynamics, Familair Configuration

  • Pivoting centreboard and rudder make launching and recovery safe and simple.
  • Strong aluminium alloy rudder stock and tiller
  • Tapered mast with adjustable spreaders for bend control to suit a range of sailor weights.
  • Boom with integral single line slab reefing system.
  • Single line gennaker hoist and bowsprit launch system.

Perfect for Training and Racing

  • Mylar mainsail on the Race spec boat, for light weight a low stretch.
  • Dacron mainsail on the Club spec boat, for durability.
  • Dacron furling jib, for convenience and safety.
  • Integral furling drum within the jib tack bar gives a smooth gennaker chute mouth and minimal chance of snagging.
  • New Dynakote gennaker cloth for low stretch and easy hoists and drops.
  • Twin patch down haul system


Standard Optional 2000 Race Club
Designer Phil Morrison    
Hull Construction GRP Resin Infused Composite    
Length 14'6" (4.4m)    
Beam 5'10" (1.8m)    
Hull weight 200lb (140kg)    
Sailing Weight 300lb (200kg)    
Sail Area - Mainsail (Mylar) 93.2 sq ft (8.66 sqM)    
Sail Area - Training Mainsail (Dacron) 93.2 sq ft (8.66 sqM)    
Sail Area - Jib (Dacron) 32.7 sq ft (3.04 sqM)    
Sail Area - Asymmetric Spinnaker (Dynacote) 108.9 sq ft (10.12 sqM)    
Mast - Tapered Aluminum Alloy Selden    
Boom - Aluminum Alloy Selden    
Pivoting Centerboard GRP Composite Sandwich construction    
Single Line Slab Reefing System    
Retracting Spinnaker Bowsprit Aluminum Alloy, single line launch    
Lifting Rudder in anodised Aluminum Stock GRP Sandwich Coposite    
Deck Hardware fitted Selden    
Deck Hardware Upgrade fitted Harken    
Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension (in leiu Aluminum)    
Deck Cover Polycotten Breatheable Tailored Mast Up    
Hull Cover Heavy Duty Nylon Tailored    
Launching Dolly by Dynamic    
Road Trailer varies by State    
Wind Indicator Windex / Burgee / Hawk by preference    
Trapeze Pack    
Mast Head Float Twin Tube Inflatable    


"From our side, we are very pleased that LDC Sailing is to start producing the 2000. This is a great boat for racing at all levels, for cruising and for learning to sail and we eagerly await the chance to get afloat in the first of the new boats this spring"
Graham Dalton 2000 Class Association Chairman

"We have worked with Phil Morrison extensively for many years, so it is a natural fit for us to add the 2000 and we’re very much looking forward to working alongside the 2000 Association in an exciting new era for the Class"
Martin Wadhams President, RS Sailing



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